AREA: 170 m²
LOCATION: University St. Tbilisi
YEAR: 2023

Circle Line

Introducing “Circle Line,” an ongoing project, within the framework of which we created the interior design of a 170 m² apartment. While working on the project, our main goal was to capture the customer’s wishes, character and personal characteristics as much as possible in the design, so that the apartment would be as cozy and comfortable as possible.


To achieve a harmonious overall appearance, we employed neutral colors and materials while introducing subtle accents through various details:

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  • Muted blue tones for the walls
  • Chrome details
  • Elegant wooden furniture
  • Subtle textural elements in the form of wooden accents
  • Delicate details throughout

The careful integration of these components allowed us to create a balanced and visually appealing design. The layout was meticulously planned to cater to the main living areas, ensuring functionality and an efficient use of space. The result is a living space that is cozy, compact, and uniquely tailored.”

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